Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Run Gait: Before & After

Did some major troubleshooting on Saturday, and I was able to normalize the stride (albeit with focus):

Here's the "before shot":

As you can see, major externally rotated foot.  What you see in "the wiggle" (as Dan O put it), was me trying to correct it by simply "turning in" the.  That doesn't work, and it's unnatural (and likely to cause another injury).

Here's the corrected shot:

This was accomplished by focusing on "PNF extension" -- or a global extension pattern beginning at the pelvis and extending all the way down -- I didn't even think about the foot or turning/pushing off, and it was 80% corrected.

I've also, with great reluctance, started an aggressive course of anti-inflammatory meds: a whole mess of ibuprofen.  I'm taking 800mg x3-4/day; the pain is 99% gone, and I was even able to elliptical train for an hour yesterday, which was promising.  However, the point of the NSAID is the blast away inflammation and to return to running ASAP.