Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Odds & Ends

Random musings:
  • Friday Confidence Boost: running "easy" 300 repeats in 4:25 - 4:40 pace and feeling strong.
  • Saturday Confidence Shatter: sliding and slopping around at Hagg Lake, wondering how the hell anyone could run under 8:00 pace on that crap (as the top 3 all did), and wondering how Max King ran 3:26 on that course*.
!*Answer: the course was FROZEN in 2010!)
  • This week I read one of Mr. Ball's posts about "Western States Widows", and the resulting discussion, which highlighted the importance of balance in a runner's life, with respect to The Important Things - friends, family, careers.  The discussion resonated with me; I need to do better.  Do better at sacrificing and compromising, but also a better job of involving and integrating loved ones into this "lifestyle".  I believe THAT is the key; as such, I'm so happy that my family ("the entourage") is enthusiastic about my WS100 run. 
  • As such, the plan for this week:  NO Fall Creek Run-Around on Saturday; instead, on Friday afternoon: Sharps Creek Rd (road course, but BIG ELEVATION), then a weekend away in YACH-ets w/Britt.  Bonus: Britt gets to hone her crewing skills (on bike?)....or, if the weather is brutal, x3 Ridgeline/Spencer Laps
  • Almost finished reading a fascinating book, Deep Survival.  Check it out.  Many, many lessons and applications to rather extreme endeavors such as WS.  I'll write about it more here in a bit...

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