Monday, January 23, 2012


Just over two weeks post-Bandera.  The body feels good, but I'm still tired.  Went to bed at 8PM a couple nights last week, which was wonderful! 

Downtime from running means more time for other pursuits.  I had a nice trip with Britt recently, snowshoeing on the PCT around Maiden Peak.  Even with low snow, our pace was a bit too easy to make it to the summit; we hoofed it to the Shelter.

Barely any snow...two weeks ago!

Chilly wind!

Lower Rosary Lake

Looking back south from above the Three Rosaries, with views of Odell and Crescent Lakes

Even this consevative 'shoe was really tiring; proof that I need to rest up. 

Maiden Shelter

Warming up!

On Middle Rosary Lake
"Very Excite!"
Sundown behind Pulpit Rock and Middle Rosary Lake

With Bandera still in the rearview, it's hard not to think about WS.  In one respect, the logistical preparation seems much easier and low-stress: rather than this "big deal", it feels more like I'm getting ready for a party.

Physically, thinking about the WS prep is tough when you're still fatigued.  Back in February of '11, I remember standing in LB's driveway post-Hunt, listening to him, lc and Dan-O talk about the difficultly of training for a hundred miles.  Again.  But then I remember him in May, when he was positively a machine...and having fun!

Soon enough, we'll all be in that mode again.  And, just like the first few miles of a long run, after those first few weeks of big mileage and long runs, we'll be rolling again. 

Post-Run Beer at Goodman Ck TH - March 2011:  "What's this?  Beer??  Well, I guess I'll try it..."


  1. 2 big races, 2 stout fields, 2 great performanes, not surprised the battery needs to be recharged! ......."You got odds.......I got evens!"

  2. "I can't believe I WON at Inka-Dink!"