Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 WS100 - Selected Pictures

I robbed these from Brandie and Sam.  Some favorites:

Pre-Race meeting, showing Gordy Ainsleigh where I needed work.  Best adjustment ever!

Entering Michigan Bluff, running by Carol's houses.
Conferring with Matt on the go in Michigan Bluff.

Getting worked over by the crew in Foresthill.  And I thought LB had it good!

The Finish.  Giving my mom her card and birthday hug.  Too tired to cry.

Buckle Ceremony.  Receiving mine, with running mate Eric Tosci to the right.

Chatting with Nick Clark (with Jake Rydman, middle), explaining why I pussed out of sub-20.

The Buckle, with a future Buckle-wearer.

AWESOMENESS, captured by Sam somewhere in Foresthill.  My desired training effect for 2012.

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