Monday, November 8, 2010

"Move It to Prove It!"

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Between now and July of 2011, I'm out to prove (or disprove) the following:
  1. That the most important element of ultra running (or ANY running, for that matter) is Biomechanical Excellence.
  2. Second most important is "Fuel, Hydration, Electrolytes".  Third is training.
  3. You can be a top-level ultra runner and still run fast:  <2:30 marathon, <32:00 10K, <26:00 5-mile, <16:00 5K. In fact, it may be required.
  4. Maybe the WORST TWO CONVENTIONAL WISDOMS floating around the ultra world are:
    1. That you need to FLY on downhills in a trail ultra in order to "save your quads".
    2. That you should "sit back" (in a posterior pelvic tilt) for maximum stride "efficiency".
I believe I have science on my side, but it will be a laboratory experiment (n = 1) over the next few months to test these hypotheses.

Stay tuned.

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